Hindcast of Dynamic Processes of the Ocean and Coastal Areas of Europe
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Final HIPOCAS Workshop
in association with 29th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE 2004)
Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Avenida Brasil, Lisboa, 19th September 2004

The objective of the project was to obtain a 44-year (1958-01) hindcast of wind, wave, sea-level and current climatology for European waters and coastal seas for application in coastal and environmental decision processes.
Specific studies were made for the North Sea, North East Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea.

Atmospheric Data
The global atmospheric re-analysis carried out by NCEP and NCAR was used as a starting point for limited area models.
The NCEP global data set and the new technique developed to obtain small scale analyses from the global re-analyses were used to produce a data set of homogeneous and high-resolution atmospheric data.

Sea-level, Current and Wave Data
The atmospheric data was used to force state-of-the-art wave models (WAM) and ocean circulation models (HAMSOM, M3D_UG and TELEMAC) in regional areas around Europe so as to produce climatic information on waves, sea levels, and currents in a very large extend of the European coast.

Remote Sensed Data
The available satellite data, including wind, wave and sea-level data, was collected and calibrated for the same areas with available measurements and will be used to be compared with the hindcast results, so as to yield some uncertainty measures related to the data.

Validation and Synthesis of the Data
All available measured data was used to verify the hindcast in order to assess the quality of the numerical data being produced.
A Climatological Atlas was produced displaying the spatial and temporal variability of relevant statistics of the data considered in the study.

The registration should be done on the web address http://www.mar.ist.utl.pt/hipocas/workshop_registration.aspx. The registration fee of €60 will be collected on site and includes coffee break, lunch and documentation.

Programme (PDF version for download)
09h00 Registration and Coffee  
10h15 Overview of the HIPOCAS Project Carlos Guedes Soares, IST
10h30 Met-Ocean Hindcasts and Results for the North Sea Ralf Weisse, GKSS
11h00 Coffee Break
11h30 Atmospheric and Wave Hindcast for the Irish Sea N.L. Vijaykumar, UCC
12h00 Met-Ocean Hindcasts for the North East Atlantic Carlos Guedes Soares, IST
12h30 Reanalysis for the Mediterranean Sea Juan Carlos Carretero, EPPE
13h00 Lunch
14h30 Wave Hindcast for the Eastern Mediterranean Sea Svetlana Musič, ICoD
15h00 Wave Hindcast for the Black Sea Zhivelina Cherneva, IO-BAS
15h30 Long-term Changes in the sea level, waves and currents climate in the Baltic Sea Jan Jedrasik, IOUG, Barbara Paplinska-Swerpel, IH-PAS
16h00 Coffee Break
16h30 Remote Sensed Data of European Waters Hafedh Hajji, MM
17h00 HIPOCAS Climatology Atlas Carlos Guedes Soares, IST
17h15 General Discussion  
  Close of Workshop

Information and Contacts
Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares (guedess@mar.ist.utl.pt)

Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa - Portugal

Tel: (351-21) 841 7957
Fax: (351-21) 847 4015

Url: http://www.mar.ist.utl.pt/hipocas/

The next HIPOCAS Project Meeting will take place on 12th and 13th December 2002 in La Valleta, Malta.

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